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Online Marketing

This service is for anyone, no matter where you live or whether you have a business or not...
as long as you have a website 
to advertise then most, if not all, of the online marketing methods below will be of great benefit to you and your website...

Search Engine Submission -  

Get your website listed on 480 search engines world wide,  including...USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe. That means your website will be in the database of 480 search engines, allowing them to list your website on their search engine results when a search is performed using keywords based on your products or services.

You will receive a full report sent via email

480 Search Engine Submissions $9.95

Directory Submission

Get your website listed on hundreds of online Directories. This gives some extra traffic to your website but more importantly it provides backlinks to your website increasing the credibility of your site that often leads to a higher placement on the search engine listings, that brings targeted traffic!

You will receive a full report in excel format via email

500 Directory Submissions $14.95

1000 Directory Submissions $19.95

1500 Directory Submissions $24.95

Social media - 

Your message and website is sent to 30 of the best social media websites including... Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Diigo, Folkd, and more. Comes with a full success report in excel format.

30 Social Media Submissions $19.95

Website Traffic - 

Get visitors to your website, world wide visits or targeted USA visits. The report is a JPG image sent showing the number of visits received, also check your traffic stats to see where the visits come from.

World Wide Targeted Visits...

5,000 visits $14.95

10,000 visits $29.95

25,000 visits $59.95

50,000 visits $99.95

100,000 visits $159.95

500,000 visits $299.95

USA Targeted Visits...

5,000 visits $29.95

10,000 visits $59.95

50,000 visits $239.95

Ad Promotion

Your ad along with your website is sent to 1000s of people who are members of advertising sites. This is great for product or service exposure and Alexa rankings. There is no report sent with this service. Check your traffic stats to see visits.

Your Ad Sent to...

60,000 people $14.95

120,000 people $19.95

180,000 people $24.95

240,000 people $29.95

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